Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Fat Quarter Challenge

Hey there! Tonight is a rainy night that is only good for cuddling with dogs and quilting!

This is the latest quilt. Or one of them anyway, it seems I have been on a regular tear. I joined a cyber group a couple of years ago and we have these challenges every once in a while. In this one, everyone was sent the same Spring fabric. It is the one in the center of the circles. And we were to come up with a quilt around the fabric. An interesting way to design.

Mine here is called Carnivale! because it looks like a Brazillian Carnival to me. See my incredible quilting? It took a long time to do so many tight rows of machine quilting, but it would have taken far longer to have done it by hand! I don't know what I will win, but I do hope to win this one.

The voting started tonight and the competition is fierce. Let me show you some of the others. And I don't yet know the identities of the makers. But these are the competitors. Can you see the fabric in each piece?


Carol, What Have You Been Drinking?

Spring Banner

Double Feathered Star

Some enterprising person made appliques on the shirt!

And this is a pillow case. Very innovative!

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