Friday, January 8, 2010

New year, new resolutions

Well, sort of old resolutions renewed and revamped. My goal this month is to begin to organize my quilt room. I have a beautiful space that is totally a mess. It needs Carrie-ganizing.

When I first took over her old bedroom as a quilting space it was pristine. Frank built the most beautiful cutting/sewing table against a wall, my computer stuff moved to a new desk and Andrew helped me build book shelves for the wall. My closed down recruiting company and current dog training business resided in places where fabric wasn't.

Then I lived in it for a while. Carrie came in one day and started tossing my stuff. I liked my stuff. She was ruthless. She found she could only toss my stuff for about 2 hours each day, where upon I would just get too upset to continue. We worked this way through a mountain of stuff.

Now I need to do that again. Althought this time it is more "organizing" than tossing........I hope anyway. I have fabric everywhere, and I don't even know what I have, some of it.

I need Carrie-ganizing.

glen: but I am scared to tell that to her!

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