Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend coming on fast

The poor Swissy Quilt I gave Valerie was one of my early quilts. Kip, her Swissy boy, decided to eat the tongue of the Swissy and chewed through the whole shebang! Bad boy! So I have the task of making a new quilt for her. Bigger and better is the mantra!

And keep Kip away from the poor Swissy quilt!
Artist's reception for Swamp Exhibit is Sunday evening. Exciting. And we convinced my mom to come up for the weekend to get away from the dreary task of sitting with Stan in the Nursing Home day after day. It is hard for an Alzheimer Mom to change patterns, but this will be good for her. If I can keep her busy she won't obsess about being at home until she is ready to go home on Monday morning with Franklin.

And Carrie doesn't know that when she comes over on Saturday for lunch that her grandma will be here! What a wonderful surprise for a granddaughter who never calls her grandma when she is supposed to! And if she would read her momma's blog sometimes she would see the news! LOL. So that is a joke on Carrie.

Hey, I can start posting news for her on the blob and she may will start to look at my blog sometimes! LOL. What a novel idea.

Sassi Strippers Guild meeting was interesting. They want to do a mystery quilt, so fun. And they kinda got excited about my progressive box round robin idea. They even took the boxes I brought! Really exciting. Maybe this is the year the guild will gel.

The Challenge this year for the Remember Me Guild is to take Jelly Rolls or 2 1/2 inch strips and design a quilt. It cannot be made from a kit, it has to be a design. How they will determine that I am not sure. And I have a few other questions to ask. So I am looking for an idea to do with strips. I am thinking black strips and bright solids formed into a square. Wow. I must do squares this year. I must!

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