Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hope you got kissed!We spent the day bringing Valerie to the New Orleans Airport. Her dad died yesterday and she needs to be with her family now. I want her to bring back either some of her dad's shirts or his t-shirts and I will let her help me put together a quilt for her mom.

Here is my latest string completion. It will be a Charity Quilt going to the Parrothead Group for their Christmas Basket Drive in November. I gave them several quilts last year and they loved having them.

It turned out pretty cool. Blocks are 9 inches finished. I used blackboard looking fabric for the border and a sheet from the Purple Cow for the back so it is recycled all the way! I like doing the kid's quilts with sheets on the back. Not only it is economical to get them from the Purple Cow (and it helps their coffers too) but I think it is sturdier than fabric.......and cheaper than $10 a yard quilt shop fabric.
Kids can play and jump on the quilts, and they can be washed multiple times.

glen: Happy Valentines' Day!

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