Friday, March 5, 2010

Great news all around

I can see. And very well, at that. I walked into our bedroom Thursday night, turned on the light and was astounded. I asked Frank if he had replaced the lights with brighter ones, and he chuckled and said no, that I was just seeing them again!

So I have 20/30 in that surgery eye, and an X over my eyebrow that won't come off. they must have marked it with indelible ink! Eyesight is continuing to improve as the surgery swelling goes down.

And I visited two friends, both in SICU at the hospital. They both had aneurysms and both are now recovering well. Amazing that both of them had problems in the same week. Hm.....

That is the best news.

And this Sunday is Andy's Memorial. It promises to be a sad occasion. But his life made such a positive impact on the world of animal rescue. He did so much, he must have known it would only be a short while he would be doing it. He was an amazing man.

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