Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mysteries, Life and Kid

I am working on the Mystery Quilt I am presenting for the River City Guild. I just completed the second installment......of one of the quilts. For some reason I decided to do TWO of them. Not in my right mind on that one I guess. Two, what was I thinking???

I need to stay a step ahead of the quilt members who are doing this mystery. Last count there was about 35 of them doing the Mystery Quilt. That is a great thing. A lot of interest makes it fun to lead. So I just completed Step 2 and now need to do Step 3 before the next meeting. It is a very repetitive step and it is driving me crazy!

Frank and I visited Lisa and Janet at OLOL Hospital. They are both in Intensive Care because of a brain aneurysm. Janet had a stroke during surgery but Lisa's burst before it was found. They both are beginning to improve and Janet is ready to go to a regular room. Lisa is a few days away from that. Both ladies have an outpouring of love and support from many friends and family.

And then we spent the afternoon at the Celebration of Andy Leavy's life. An amazing man, he was. From England, he met Pam here in Baton Rouge. Pam already had a handicapped daughter but he fell in love with them both. Together they rescued countless numbers of animals from the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. They spent over 3 years bringing food to feeding stations in the heavily damaged 9th Ward in New Orleans. They spearheaded LSART, Louisiana State Animal Rescue Team, the rescue organization as an outcropping of FEMA designed to move animals out of the way of disasters before they hit. They got to put that into practice in 2008 during Gustav as it hit Baton Rouge.

He and Pam testified in Washington about the need for a SART in every state. They both have made the lives of thrown away animals better by being a force of change. Pam has lost a life partner. And the animals have lost a strong advocate.

Time and time again as people got up to talk about Andy, they recounted stories about his humor in dire situations, his love for Pam and the girls and his great love of animals.

Amazing man. Goodbye Andy. Your life was well spent here in this go round!

And while we were at the hospital visiting Lisa and Janet, Carrie came to our house to pick up the granddog we were baby sitting. While here, she raked the leaves from the back yard and cleaned out the winter debris from the back patio! Wow!

Yes, today was a mystery of quilts, life and the kid!


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