Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday and the lack of water.....

My design wall is very interesting this week.  I have the Wizard of Oz quilt that is just needing a binding being finished up.  And I have a prototype of the block that may be used in Valerie's redwork quilt.

Valerie is doing the Alex Anderson hearts and flowers red work in jewel toned threads on muslin.  And this weekend at the big batik sale we purchased batiks in deep purple, teal and a gorgeous deep red for the outsides of the blocks.  I made a mach-up of the block last night:

The quilt should look like this:

We may tweak it a bit along the way, but it should be similar.  Not sure what we will do with the middle yet,  It could become a larger redwork piece or it could become a block.
The Lack of Water is due to a hole developing in the outside faucet on the patio and 3 years of attempted repairs by my "Tim the Toolman" husband.  So now the plumbers Wayne and Jeff are tearing out a wall and cutting out some bricks on the outside and repairing it for final once and for all....,maybe.
We have been carting water from the neighbors just to flush the good bathroom with.  And the dogs are not happy with the intruders in the yard.  Dutch wants to move them out and Chloe wants to go tell them hello and invite them to dinner.
glen:  who is ready to pee in the yard with the dogs............(no picture for that!)


  1. We were without water a few months back. Water drained from the hot water heater (complete with hose going where you need it) is a good source for flushing. Ours last about 18 hours.

  2. We've been having plumbing issues here; we didn't have as much fun as you're having though.
    I'm glad I'm one of the ones not at Paducah this week. I would NOT have gotten 250 or so HST done! No more 2" triangles. Tomorrow I'll get the 30 done that I need for the 1-1/2 size; then I can start on the 500 2-1/2" (unfinished sizes). This quilt is going to get DONE; in another month or 2!


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