Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicks, chicks, chicks.  I have finished 16 of the chicken blocks.  They are GORGEOUS!  Totally! (Mary is soooo jealous of my flock of chickens.........I know she is.  I may have to make her some chickens just to get her started on chickens! LOL)

So I decided late this afternoon that I wanted to put a top and a bottom border of baby chicks on the thing to make it not square.  I have this thing about quilts not being square.  So I tried to find chicks in a pattern.  I swear I have seen them somewhere, but where is the question.
I googled for about 3 hours and found no chicks.  Well, that is not true.  I did find some chicks, but not like I wanted.  I found a lot of chickens, but no paper pieced chicks.

So if you know of a pattern somewhere, TELL ME!  I want chicks!

I can't wait for the Design Wall Monday on Judy's blog.  I just can't wait!

So back to chicks.  I have most of the fabrics left over so i think the chicks will be perfect for this one.  I could even dump a whole row of chickens, add the two borders of the chicks and use the extra four chickens in another quilt.  Maybe with some COWS!

glen:  chicks, don't forget to look for some chicks for me!  I will love you for it!

PS.  maybe eggs?  If I can't find chicks, maybe eggs??????


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