Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow all you chickens!

I want to wish all the Mom's out there, whether you have kids, dogs or kitties as your babies, a very Happy Mother's Day.  Today I am going to spend the day working on Chickens! (Mary, are you listening, I am ready to finish 8 Chickens today!)  The two dark ones may be troubling but I will find a way to work them into a portion of the quilt.  I am thinking maybe 12 in a quilt rather than the 16 called for, but then 16 makes for such a nice sized quilt. I ever make a quilt the way they tell me to????

Tomorrow we will go to Carrie's house for a mid day meal of some sort and hob knob with the inlaws.  I found some really nice hanging petunia baskets for $3 a piece in the damaged plant shelf at Lowes' yesterday.  I brought them home, cleaned up the dead heads and leaves that didn't look so hot, watered them and shot them with some fertilizer and they actually look pretty good today.  So I will bring those to Amanda and Fayne, the SIL and MIL of Carrie.  And I found a needy looking bougainvillea that I will bring to Carrie since she has been lusting after one.

She is mom to my granddog Hugeaux after all!

Oh, look, my first panoramic shot with my new Mother's Day camera!  This is my back yard standing on the patio looking out.  How exciting, can't wait to get this baby rolling on the vacation!

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