Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I decided to see what this would look like.  I put the Swissy Quilt up in the banner area of the blog head.  But I don't like it so big.  It is actually too big for me.  But since Valerie just said she loved it, I will leave it for a while and see if it grows on me.   That and I can't figure out how to make it smaller.  Maybe I can figure that out in my copious free time!

The quilt is my Swissy Quilt of Valor I made for a specific Colonel in the US Marine Corps.  He is not only a soldier hero but he is a Swissy owner.  The pattern is Billie Lauder's "Who's on My Quilt?".  That is the book that has my first Swissy Quilt and Dutch on the back cover!  Check it out on her website.  My 15minutes of fame!

The good thing about Swissys is that they all look alike.  If you go to the National Club site at you can see for yourself.  If you go to Southbound's site, that is the regional club of which I sit on the board, at  you can see the Southern Swissys.  They all look alike.  They all have thick black coats (with the rare exception of a blue and even rarer red coat), they all have that white blaze on the face, with brown eye spots and cheek marks; and they all have white feet with brown between the black and the white.  And they all have the white tip on the tail.  And the white chest with the brown shoulder splotches.  Yes, all of them.

So it is very easy to make a Swissy quilt for anyone in the club.  I often do a raffle quilt and they fight over it's amazing beauty and spend lots of money to win it!


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