Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Strings Attached!

Steffanie of Loft Creations has had this No Strings Attached Challenge for the last several months.  You make projects with strings and dash your stash!  I completed 14 projects.  And now there is voting on the best in a quilt or non-quilt category.  My projects did not make it, but hey, the ones that did are really fabulous. 

There is even a quilted ironing board cover!  Wow!

Anyway, she will give some prizes out for some unknown and secret catetgories.  I am hoping I get one of those at least!  There were 290 string projects made by 78 of the 151 participants.  Amazing.

Check out her blog and see the finalists!

Yeah! Stephanie.  Thanks for letting me play!



  1. Personally - I think you and I should have been in the finalists and then mine would have come in over your's . . . wait, I'm dreaming again. It was fun and worth every ounce of effort. (And we learned too.)

    Hugs - Marie

  2. you are a riot, Marie, a real riot.......


  3. Thanks for commenting on my squirrel "incident"! You should enter my giveaway for free fabric--you are on a winning streak! Cheery wave from Bev!


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