Thursday, July 22, 2010

So blogger and the construction have tried my patience today

This is the third time I have attempted to post here today.  Let's see if this actually makes it.  I went into my photo folder on the computer and pulled out all my Swissy Calendar photos from the last 6 years and put them all on a nice little, well big, disk.  Now maybe I can have room for more photos since I am gearing up to do another Swissy Calendar for the Southbound Club.    Here is Bo Nash modeling his January look.

What I was going to say earlier was this:

I forgot to say stuff about the pattern yesterday.  That gorgeous tiger hanging is from Toni Whitney of Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.  And it is done just like the others I did of my own pictures for the last two years.  I have done my house, a couple of Swissy pups and the Eiffel tower.   

This is Kiwi before I quilted her.  She was too cute, looking under my fence for a way out of there!  This quilt won me first place in the CFQG National Show two years ago.  And she has hung in two other unjudged shows, and has one coming up in August.  She is a popular girl!

Aside from Dutch tossing his cookies on the living room floor this afternoon, he is doing well after his surgery.  And I have uncovered a quilt that my mom and I did together about 2 years ago.  All it needs is to have the binding sewn down, so that is the perfect job for her.  She does fabulous work.  She is way more meticulous than I ever was or will be.  It is that memory thing that keeps her from doing any work now.  But she can certainly do bindings nicely.  So we have a rhythm going together.  She binds and I do everything else!



  1. What an adorable quilt! Glad to here Dutch is doing well.

    Love the tiger...

  2. Kiwi is so beautiful. What a special quilt you made. You should be so proud. It is wonderful.
    Hugs from Brasil


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