Friday, July 9, 2010

Wow! This must be the best week of my life!

In addition to the Human Kindness award from Loft Creations  yesterday, I saw this this morning:

Frank and I went to Coffee Call this morning for New Orleans Coffee and Chicory and beignets and a muffin at our favorite breakfast place. And I happened to pick up the Town Favorites Magazine while he was hogging the newspaper. And lo and behold! Check out what I found.

I had forgotten about this coming out, I sent it to them over 2 months ago. Wahhhooooo!

I write Lisa's colunm every once in a while.  In December she had a brain aneursym and has  been in rehab since she is out of the hospital.  I sure hope she is able to be on her own again soon.  In the meantime her friends have been filling in in her absence. 

I love the job, I wonder if they will give me my own column????????

glen:  wickedly grinning..................

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