Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did you know Swissys are gray underneath?

Frankendog lives!  He is a nice shade of gray, with what looks like beard stubble. Swissys are a double coated breed so he has some nice tawny colored undercoat that generally lives on my floor as opposed to on the dog.

Poor guy, he seems to be recovering from something that involves a lot of metal staples a lot lately.  Once again last Friday I found a lump on his right shoulder.  So after a quick trip to the vet's office on Monday he was in surgery Monday afternoon and home with me Monday night.  He once again looks like Frankendog.

The last one was less than a month ago and it was staged as grade II.  Not great but not involving other organs or tissues.  And they got that huge margin of clear cells.  The fur on his private parts have not even grown back yet!  And now his shoulder is shaved. 

So now he has a 6 inch wound on his right shoulder, and that is the one he lays on all the time!  At least it doesn't interfere with leg lifting action like the last one did. 

With the shoulder shaved to the skin you can really see how thick his fur is.  He was bred for life in the Swiss Alps herding sheep and pulling carts with runners for snow and wheels for alpine pastures. 

But he is living here with me in Southern Louisiana, with parts being chuncked out of him on a regular basis like he is in some wild and wacky slasher film

The thing about dogs is that they love deeply no matter what you do to them.  He was just upset that the bowl of treats in the exam room yesterday was empty.  He thinks the vet should be more cognizant of keeping it filled for dogs of his ilk.



  1. Sounds to me like you are going to a very inconsiderate Vet. How could he let the doggie treat bowl get empty. I'd find a new one.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Wow...that is quite an incision. My two berners, Jenny and Forrest, keep me on a first-name basis with a few vets! I've seen too much of that gray skin myself. It's so fun to see your swissies though I probably wrongly think they shed less the berners...maybe just shorter hairs.


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