Thursday, August 26, 2010

He who laughs........

I know you are reading these posts.  I can feel your eyes on the words.  Even though you don't make a comment, I know you are there.  And I also know you watch your washing machine wash. 

I have talked to numerous people in the last few days.  Either they have read my posts or I tell them of watching my new washer and dryer wash and dry my clothes.  To a woman, they all finally admit to standing there at some time or other and watching their clothes wash. 

My VetCousin even knew that you had to use your pinkie finger to hold the button down so you could keep the lid up when you watched the washer drum spin the clothes because your index finger is too large.  I would say that she has had a dog in that hunt before.  (See dog:  the hole in the wall belongs to the dog, he feels the kitchen needed remodeling.)(And maybe a new washing machine too.)

I know you are out there, and after reading my witty repartee the last few days you have probably gone to your washer at least once, for a few minutes, and watched your clothes.  It is addicting, so don't go too many times. 

I still have some cycles to sit through, and taking Ann and her momma to the airport in New Orleans really took a big chunk out of my Washer Watching Time (WWT).  But I had already told her I would do it, I couldn't just call and say, Hey Ann, I have something better to do, watch my dirty laundry get washed, now could I?????

Nope.  So I gave up WWT because they are good friends.  I know, I sacrificed a lot there.

I have to go and do some "Clean Up Your Crap!" stuff in my sewing room, then I am going to start taking my fabric to the laundry room since I no longer have any dirty clothes. 

glen:  Well, I have to have something to wash.........And maybe the fabric will shrink and more of it will fit in the shelves........too much of a stretch, huh?


  1. Yes, we are out here reading about your washer watching. I don't think that I've done that, but maybe in the past when I had a new washer. But that was years and years ago. That is good advice as to how to watch during the spin cycle - I'll have to try that next time. Have fun and thanks for sharing.

  2. I had a dream about you last night. I dreamed you got a new refrigerator. So my question this morning is 'did you solve the age old problem' - does the light stay on when you close the door?

    Hugs - Marie

  3. LOL. I did get a new fridge when we remodeled the kitchen, oh, 5 months ago maybe. And the light does not stay on. I have thoroughly investigated the mechanism that turns the light on and off.

    I took the new gas stove apart when it arrived, waiting for the plumber to run the gas line to the kitchen. And I took the old faucet apart when we replaced the sink after the new granite arrived. (it worked on a ball valve set up.)


  4. Yes, we are out there! Amused by your comments...maybe I'm not watching my machine, but I do gansh my teeth as I wait for it to allow me to open it after the cycle has finished!


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