Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am famous!

Or at least infamous.......

Today's copy of The Advocate has a nice blurb about the quilt show and resulting donation of preemie quilts to the Woman's Hospital.  The picture that accompanies the blurb has me (as Past President but they don't say that) and the other officers of the Guild.

I guess I need a new copy without the writing on it. I was trying to get Frank to pronounce that name, I thought it was an interesting way of writing Tijuana.

But that is me, on the far right of the picture.  With my Don't Drink and Quilt t-shirt on that was a total hit that day.  I really want the QUAID bumper sticker - Quilters Against Idiot Drivers.  Maybe that will be my next purchase from the Bitchy Stitcher!  There are so many idiots out there and now that I am running Merilyn around to all those doctor appointments and Dutch to all his vet visits I really need to separate myself from the rest of the idiots out there and take a stand against stupid driving.  Like the guy who kept jumping leap frog like around the long long line of traffic backed up at a stop light at rush hour by driving in that middle turn lane.  And other idiots were letting him in!  Aughhhhhh!

So Megan, if you are out there, head's up, I'm lookin' for you!



  1. Sounds like the quilt show was a hit. Kudos to you and the quilt guild.


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