Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The new W/D arrives with great promise

After 3 months of waiting for these darned appliances, the new washer and dryer finally arrived yesterday.  They are truly things of great and awesome beauty covered in a platinum shield; they will save electricity and wash my clothes more efficiently than anyone has ever dreamed of.   Should you see me, I will be the one with the bright glow of super clean-ness emanating from my jeans and shirt.

I am glad to finally get the team.  I waited so long because it is a special order from Maytag that will heat the water to over 140 degrees.  This is important because that is the temperature it takes to set the dyes I use for my hand dyes.  If I ever get to cleaning out my crap in the sewing room and can actually get in there again.  The dryer has the steam function, but that just came along for the ride because it I wanted a matching set.  This is the first time I have had a matching set because the washer and dryer have never died together.  This time neither died, this was a purposeful and totally researched purchase and I had time to wait.

It arrived while three friends and I were traveling to Independence, LA to visit Mama's Quilt Shop for her 9th anniversary sale.  Once there, I bought a kit for Carrie for Christmas, some bundles of solid fat quarters, and two books for 20% off.  I also found a back for the Sailboat quilt for $4/yard.   Nice haul.  And I got to spend a day with quilting people.  Who liked me.

Later that afternoon we had a horrible thunderstorm with huge lightening.   It was a bad one, and I am sure the Swissy Tycho and Hugeaux the Grand-dog didn't do well.  Poor guy is terrified of storms since they moved in the new house earlier this year.  Frank and I were at dinner when lightening hit my mom's place and all the phones and TV cable service were knocked out in her wing. Barry at Lake Sherwood said it took a long time to calm the old folks down after the hit.  And the fire department was dispatched despite the fact that they called them to report the false alarm.  While Frank and I were at the restaurant we watched the 3 firetrucks speed to the place.  But I was unable to reach anyone on the phone either at my mom's apartment or the office area.

(Conclusion: That is probably because the phones were out and not because they didn't like me.)

glen:  maybe a bit paranoid, but my clothes will be super clean........I spent the morning watching my clothes wash in their new washing machine with the clear lid.  I hung over the washer with the wind up searchlight we use when the power goes out during hurricanes and watched my dirty laundry go through numerous gyrations and flume spray.    It was exciting.  Oh, wait, I have to leave you, my washer is in a different spin!

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