Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washer and Dryer Team Rules!

When Frank arrived home yesterday he asked me if I liked the new washer and dryer.  I did, I replied with total veracity.  And I do.  I described to him the various gyrations and sounds the washer makes when it goes through the cycle.  I went around looking for dirty clothes and stuff but could find no more than the original load that morning. 

Frank laughed at me for being fascinated with what was happening inside the washer.  And I was incredulous.  I couldn't believe he wasn't out there hunting for dirty stuff.  I was more than willing to find some clean stuff to put in there just to watch it wash.  He said he had other things to do at that moment.

This morning dawned clear and bright and actually somewhat cool.  That means the day did not start out at 88 degrees.  And there was a wonderful load of dirty clothes available to be washed!  Yeah!  Since Frank didn't really seem to be interested, I was hanging over the washer while it was cycling.  Then I noticed that he would stop in, take a quick look, and head on out.  When the sound would change, he would reappear in the laundry room and look inside the washer. 

Then I noticed he would stay longer each time.  He had to leave to iron his shirt, but he was quickly back at my side in the viewing position.  I had to move over to accommodate him in front of the washing machine. 

After that load was complete, I put the nearly dry clothes in the new dryer (why is it acceptable to say washing machine but not drying machine) and left.  The dryer is not nearly as exciting as the washer.  It just goes around and around and around and nauseum. 

A few minutes later, here comes Frank.  With his arms full of dog bed covers.  Here, he says, the dog's beds need to be washed.

I could laugh at him, but I was too busy watching the washing machine on the "BULKY" cycle!

glen:  I'll bet you have never seen your washer pour water into the drum like a waterfall on a clear mountain stream in the pristine snow covered wilderness!  (now that Joel is reading the blog I have to watch these misplaced metaphors....)  Hey, Joel!


  1. LOL - my dirty clothes are on their way UPS to you. Please send them back dry and neatly folded. I don't believe in ironing so you can save Frank the effort there. (If it needs ironed - don't buy it.)

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I taught him how to iron his shirts the day after we got married! LOL.

    Send them on! Everything in my house is clean now!



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