Sunday, November 28, 2010

design wall monday 11-29-10

I am pleased to have two quilts on my design wall.  I designed them both, they are for my cousin's two boys.  I scored a passel of dinosuaurs at a garage sale about 3 months ago and knew they would be  an excellent companion for some dino quilts. 

I don't get to see the boys very often, they moved to Albuquerque NM a few years ago.  But their daddy grew up with Frank and I as "Aunt" and "Uncle". 

I know they will love the dinosaurs and the dino quilts! 

I used a panel of dinos I cut up and took all my brightly colored juvenile fabrics and tossed them into the mix.  I stepped outside the box and used some of the techniques I have been practicing in the Virtual Bee over at Bumble Beans.  It certainly pulled me out of the traditional stream of thought!

The two are headed for the quilt machine tomorrow.  I will just do a simple large meander on them to get them done.  I am hoping to have my mother do some of the binding.  That will keep us both busy for a while.

Now if I can just finish them for mailing time!



  1. I love these. They are so bright and full of life. When the Dude was small he had so many dinosaurs and he could name and tell you the history of each one. When he went to K he said the teacher didn't know much about dinosaurs because she kept calling them the wrong names.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I love both your dinosaur quilts. I can see you have a lot of inspriration for the designs.

  3. Perfect kid quilts. Fun and cheerful!!

  4. So adorable! You know they are going to play for hours with the dinos and the quilts.

  5. Two of my favorite things: quilts & garage sales. You scored big on both counts. They will love them both. Shirley in Ok

  6. Very fun, bright, and imaginative. Sounds perfect for little boys. My little boy is now 25. Seems just yesterday he was playing with his dinos!

  7. How fun! Love the bright colors, just right for a couple of little boys!

  8. Those are terrific. My boys would have loved something like that. Great job.


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