Friday, November 5, 2010

Found this today on another blog

I want to try this.  But I spent all day bringing my friend who is nearly blind to the vet......I mean doctor.  Just got home in fact, and fed the dogs at 6:08 pm.  Dogs were not happy.  Chloe the Smelly Basset is outside right now-sitting in the middle of the yard -- just howling because now I am ignoring her.  Arrrrooooooo!  Then silence.  Arrrroooooooo! again.  This is where Frank usually goes out and chases her a bit and they play with her ball.

Frank is at a Hornets game in New Orleans.  Basketball I think because isn't baseball in the spring?  I have no idea.  Dan keeps wanting to give us tickets, but it would be totally wasted on me.  I used to watch Frank play on the Louisiana All State team, but that was when I knew most of the guys on the court and I was courting one of them.  The game really didn't matter at that time, either I guess.  But since I am no longer courting him, I really didn't need to continue to feign interest in sports either any longer.

I guess, I could take the advice of my friend from Hummingbird Treasures and get some work done on my Snowflake Mystery Quilt I desperately need to complete.  Who knows, I could have it to quilting stage before Frank gets back in town tonight! 

 And I could trim and bind the Watermelon Quilt for the Christmas Present box.  And the dish and plate table runner. my head hurts and I have this deep urge to play a computer game of Nertz or Solitare Pop.

Well, nothing is getting done while I am in front of this computer.

Oh, and I just wanted to tell a friend of mine something.  Hey Andrea, there are a lot of hearts here melding with yours, we all love our dogs and kitties, and we have all made some tough decisions.  We are with you.  Know that.  You will do what you need to do out of love. 



  1. See I knew you could come up with a couple more reasons to procrastinate and you did a good job of it. From the ex-champion procrastinator - you are raising the art to a new level. You'll go outside next and play with Chloe TSB.

    And this is for Andrea - love is never easy but it is always right!

    Hugs to you both - Marie

  2. Hey Girlfriend - I'm back. I just checked out the link at the top of your blog. I made these balls last year at a craft class and they are not only easy peasy but really neat looking especially when you make different sizes. You gotta (get that - gotta) try these. You can do one an hour or so - uses lots of stash.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Wow! thanks. I want to go to Hobby Lobby and score some balls but it is too late and too dark. Tomorrow.

    glen: still not starting on the quilt, sat to watch House and now thinking about what to eat for dessert.....

  4. OK...Forget the computer game, it wil suck your brains! Do an hour on the mystery quilt (that one HAS to be ready) then put your feet up for 10 minutes, or play with the dogs...Then a bit of another quilt...variety is a good thing. If you really hate any of them (tho' maybe not the mystery quilt!), stick them in a bag and forget about them for now, and tell people Charlotte said it's OK!

    Sending love to Andrea...anyone who's loved an animal knows just how she's feeling...


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