Monday, November 1, 2010

Is 90 Young Now??? That is scary enough for Halloween!

I am hoping to have some quilting related stuff. I am supposed to be finishing the things for Christmas, clearing up some UFOs, cleaning out my sewing room, using up my stash for a report and who knows what all else.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had the great fortune to attend my dear friend's mother's 90th Birthday party on Halloween Day.  It was a real shindig, yeah, buddy.  The Birthday Girl's son owns Oak Lodge, the beautiful facility at which we partied. You know the important stuff need to be dealt with first.   Food was incredibly wonderful and exotic.  I loved the Crab Mornay and the Shrimp and Grilliads .....  and those little sandwiches with the tiny kaiser rolls.  How do they get them that small?  The fruit tasted like it was flown in from some tropical paradise where it had been ripened to perfection.

I was eating lunch with my own mother the day before and I thought to impress the people she was eating with.  I said, I am going to a 90th birthday party tomorrow!  Like I was really boasting , I said it proudly and with intent to impress.  One lady looked at me and announced, Well, I am 96 and she is 92!  That pretty much put me in my place then and there.

The highlight of the Miss Elizabeth's evening was the appearance of the entire L S U Girl's basket ball team.  Including coaches!   Ann and her momma are huge supporters and even fly to most of the away games. 

So I guess 90 is still young now-a-days!

I hope our best wishes and our love carry you well beyond the next decade! 


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  1. I'm hoping that I still feel good at 90 (at least as good as I feel now). I love the fact that people are living longer now than even a few years ago.

    Hugs - Marie


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