Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on the fabric boards

Wow.  Deja vu!  I could have sworn that I submitted this post already.  Now I am wondering what site I posted it to. 

Add to that mystery:  When I started this "new" post, and typed in Update in the title, it came up with the full title like I had done it already.

Hmmm.  This must have been my tipping point between genius and insanity today.

Anyway, I went to the local comic book store (didn't even know I had one until this afternoon) and purchased two more packages of the comic book boards.  He seemed interested in what I was using them for, but not surprised when I told him fabric.  He said that there were a lot of people who had multiple uses for them.

They cost me $9.95 per package of 100 with no shipping!

If you only wanted to purchase one package you could fold the fabric and then take the board out.  The fabric would maintain the shape and size.  However it is good to have the board if you plan on taking pieces in and out of your shelves. 

We built my shelves so I was surprised to find that the boards did not stand up, but required laying down.  I guess I could cut them short to fit the shelves and make it easier to remove the individual fabrics.  But that seems like too much work.




  1. I heard about these comic board boards several months ago for storing fabric. I went out and got some and wrapped my fabric up on them. They work great and help keep my fabric organized and I can now walk in my closet and see quickly what fabric I have for a project.

  2. How long were you in the comic book store? We stopped in there one day and it was free comic book day. We were in there quite awhile reading all the unfree comic books. What happened to the comics I grew up with?

    Hugs - Marie


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