Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Claws at PetSmart - Day 2

Today was Dan Day at Santa Photos!  Dan was the consummate Santa.  He stayed jolly all day through a dog who peed on him, kids who screamed when he waved at them and all the adults who wanted to sit on his lap.  (He might have been sexier than Sexy Bobby Santa!)

This is a fabulous photo of Santa Dan and a Schnauzer. 

And this is Arwen on the left, one of the CAAWS dogs from last year.  She found a very fabulous loving family.  This little guy on the right was the one who peed on Santa!  Naughty boy!  Gets coal in your stocking.

Here is Amber, officially Mrs. Santa, loving up on some dogs.  She liked the ones she could cuddle with. 

And here is Santa Dan with a little white fluffy that was pretty cute.  She didn't pee on Santa so she will get doggy goodies in her stocking come Christmas!

Another great day, we totaled about $400 in money for CAAWS Spay and Neuter program.

Thanks, PetsMart!



  1. So cute! I don't think my old dogs would be very happy on Santa's lap!!

  2. D#1 has a doxie who pees on people when they come in the door. He is so excited it just dribbles out. So when we go to visit, Toby goes out the side door as we pull in the driveway and the Thomas takes him for a short run before either of them can go back in the house.

    Hugs - Marie


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