Saturday, December 18, 2010

UFO list - Patchwork Times Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times has issued a Challenge calling for all your UFOs to be done in 2011.  I think that I might just join in the fun.  I failed miserably in the last year getting many of my UFOs done, maybe this will be the Year of the UFO.  Although if you remember my earlier post about having over 1000 of the things lying around the quilting room, you probably won't be impressed by the list. 

And I know what you are going to say....isn't that vaguely familar from LAST year???????  Huh.  Go ahead.  You want to say it.

I guess i can add to the list as I go along during the year.  Or not.  I might just be too embarrassed to actually list all my UFOs.  In one sitting.  Maybe I can do 17 posts with about 30 in each post.......

X Scrappy
Raven's Coat from Alaska
Fireworks Kit
Double Wedding Ring for Carrie
Lone Star
Card Deck
Shirt Plaids (stars maybe)
Sitka Waves
Polar Bear
BleuBeige Row Quilt
Christmas Tree Kit
New York New York
Just Ducky
Frank's Transportation
Elephants from Sri Lanka
Stacked Posies
My House Wall Hanging
Cow I
 Cow II
New Year Mystery Dog
Christmas Scrappy
Progressive Jar Quilt
Bumble Beans 15 minutes
Bumble Beans 15 Minutes Oriental
Bumble Beans 15 minutes Scrappy
2010 Mystery Blue Snowballs
2010 Mystery Orange Snowballs
2010 Mystery Sassi Strippers Red/Green
Patch No Work
Matthew's Saints Quilt
Karen's Watermelon Quilt
Virtual Quilting Bee Warm/Cold Rectangles


  1. First I have to weed out the UFO's from the TA's (ethrow aways - well not really, but there are some I don't want to finish). I'm game after I go through for the TA's. Hmmmm - I'm off to take inventory.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. First, be realistic and pick twelve that you really like or make 12 piles of equal amounts. Then when Judy L. picks a number, you work on that pile. If you complete one that month, mission accomplished. Two completed, great. Three completed, fantastic. Four completed that month, WOW you are serious. Either way, have fun and don't stress.

  3. Our guild is doing this and the LQS has donated a sewing machine for the grand prize. I definitely will be participating! :)


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