Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't Touch My Junk!

This is the perfect name for this quilt!  LOL.  Carrie is always coming over and wanting to toss out my stuff.  Stuff that is leftover from other quilts.  I keep telling her, Don't touch my stuff!  She say, It isn't stuff, it is JUNK!  So I tell her, Don't touch my JUNK!

I am taking all my orphan blocks and putting them on the design wall and seeing how it flies.  If I like it, it stays, if not I have plenty more where that came from.  In fact, I found a second basket of orphan blocks when I was looking for those danged outhouse blocks.  I am running out of pins so I am putting a few of the blocks together now and then, which makes them more permanent, at least to each other.

I found a lot of treasures from classes I took at Quilt University, like the purple applique flower and the sea shore in the center.  Some are from classes at the Quilt Corner like the thread painting.  I was playing with a Ricky Tims' technique with the big pink and blue flower on the right side. 
There is an entire set of teacups and a teapot. I was going to paperpiece a quilt until I realized I was going to need 347 of the boogers.  I have about 5 total.  And the black and red squares on point are from the cybersisters round robin about 3 years ago. 

The X blocks are from the very first scrap quilt I made when I realized I was getting quite a bit of scraps and had no clue what to do with them.  And even from that I had leftover squares. 

There are some stack and whack and some pieces left over from the Swimming Fish Quilt.  They don't look like fish because I put them longways rather than together like fish.

Check out what else you see in there.  People quilt, England quilt, Doilies from Frank's momma.



  1. Hey this is not junk - it's 'stuff'. 'Stuff' signifies unknown treasures. I think this is a good idea because I'm getting 'lots and lots' of blocks and other unknown things. Good work, friend!

    Hugs - Marie

  2. What a great trip through quilting memories you've got in those blocks. Fun, fun.

  3. I love it! It represents what quilting is about, or used to be, which is, use what you have, and keep someone warm while doing it.

  4. I love it too! Carrie will be impressed when you've got a great quilt top from you stuff, um, I mean, junk ;)

  5. Great quilt in the making. I have been seeing orphan block quilts and they are beautiful.

  6. Your stuff is great! I'd never call it junk!

  7. These type of quilts are my favorite sampler quilts. I love quilt with different size blocks. You are planning a great quilt.

  8. How about "Don't Touch my Treasures"! This will be an amazing piece of art!


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