Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orange Snowball finish!

It is easier to build a 30 story building than to talk to the insurance company.  I spent a good bit of time getting disconnected, redialing back into the system. Speaking clearly, the system must not understand Southern Louisiana Cajun.  I said "dental" and they said "substance abuse".  I said "January 17th 1954" and they said "June 21, 1915".  It was wild. 

When I finally did get where I wanted to be after the third time dialing back to the system, the Associate who answered the line (after being told I was a valued customer about 15 times) said she hates to dial in herself.  Which tells me they really don't know a lot anyway if they have to dial back in the system for their questions.

I did finish the Orange Snowball Mystery Quilt slightly before noon.  Which should be renamed Orange Sherbert With Sprinkles, I guess.   Well, not FINISH finish, they both are finished to the top stage.  I can quilt later.  And I have also placed the blue one next to it so you can see how different they really are.  It is really striking how different the same pattern looks with different fabrics.  The dark of the blue quilt actually comes forward while the "dark" orange of the other one recedes.  The orange quilt kinda blends together in its brightness.  I like both of them, but I like the blue more.

And if you look closely, you will see the same Patch No Work Quilt under both the blue and the orange.  I will finish it one day!  Really!

The Snowball Mystery Quilts will all be revealed at the River City Guild meeting this Thursday.  AND....there will be ribbons!

I will then hand out the beginnings of the 2011 Mystery I will call Lighthouse on the Bay. It will run for a year and culminate again in January 2012.  I better make the next mystery end by December 22, 2012 since that will be the end of the world anyway.



  1. I hate voice response systems - they never work but sometimes they are smarter than the people who answer finally.

    The quilt tops are lovely. Since you favor the blue, you can send me the orange. Hmmm - sounds good to me.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I forgot to ask - what's this about a mystery?

    Hugs - Marie


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