Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two, not without a Third….

I found out last night that my hairdresser (who was thin and ate healthy) died in her sleep the night before.  Everyone was totally shocked  She was 49. 

Irma was the one who made me look beautiful.  She knew just the right combination of ingredients to put that shine on my locks.  And she had class.  She was from Venezuela and had that deep thick accent that made you listen closely to her as she spoke.  I loved to hear her talk about her daughter Tatiana and granddaughter Adriana.  She will be missed terribly by her family and her clients. 

And even more scary, when I got home today from errands and my mom, a dear friend called and left an ominous message to call her, it was about her husband, Ralphie.  I am thinking he died.  He had several problems with his heart, but he was the most laid back non stressed guy you would ever know.  And the funniest.

(Update:  Ralphie had multiple strokes, has had up and down prognosis, and is now in a coma, but with brain activity.  No change from yesterday.  Which is good I guess.  Diane is falling apart about now.)

Diane and I grew up together, sharing those horrible pre-teen years when nothing is beautiful on your body.  She has gorgeous red curly hair, I had limp straight brown (but wanted her hair).  She met Ralphie a year before Frank and I married, and they married the following year.  I stood in her wedding in a huge huge dress with a huge huge hoop skirt!

Ralphie and Frank have been friends from the day they met.  They played softball together, bowled together, drank together.  We shot fireworks every New Year’s Day down on Milne Street in New Orleans.  It was an event for the neighborhood when they tossed out their dead Christmas Trees.  A huge bonfire commenced and they loaded it with thousands of fireworks.  Fireworks went flying everywhere!  You were constantly on the lookout for any coming your way out of the blazing fire in the middle of the street.  Interestingly, 3 of the 5 boys who grew up there playing with the bonfire every year because firemen!  Hmm.

We have so many stories of times together.  There was never a time we didn’t laugh and love being together. 

I fear the news is not good.  And that Diane has lost the love of her life.  I am dreading that return phone call. 

So with Irma and Ralphie I am thinking my stressful life combined with an Italian Cream Cake and fried food diet will keep me going for a long time!

glen:  where’s that candy bar????

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  1. Oh Babe - I am so sorry for you and your friends. This always comes as such a shock and no one ever expects it.

    Take care of yourself,Frank and your Mom.

    Hugs - Marie


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