Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Touch My Junk needs borders

This picture is of my "Junk" quilt hot off the machine as the last seam was finished on the center of the quilt.  It needs borders now.  I am thinking of the color it needs, and will take the day tomorrow to audition different colors.  I tried to have all the flower and landscape blocks in this quilt.  And all the teapot and cups blocks in here as well.  But as I put it on the design wall I found a cup block on the floor.  I guess it needs to go in the border!
Helen Roddy Brown, I think her name is actually Lynne Roddy Brown maybe, said that purple is her choice for borders on a quilt with too many colors. 

Here is the center of  "Junk" on the design wall.  I have a CAAWS Board meeting tonight so no work will get done.  But I did work most of the afternoon!
And it felt fabulous!


  1. Hi - how about a gentle cream or grey to make the colors pop even more and then rest your eyes before going back - or you could do a Marie and put red as your border (with a black binding).

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I love these "kitchen sink" type of quilts. It's such fun.


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