Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two full days of quilting, can you believe it?


Yes, my friends, two full days of mostly nothing but quilting!  Friday I spent the day at friend Norma’s wonderful quilt HALL.  Yes, it is a huge beautiful quilt room.  Paula and I toted our machines and the fabrics we had already swapped and lined up for the Pumpkins.  After a brief lesson on Buggy Barn techniques we were off to a rocky start.  For those of you  familiar with the Buggy Barn slice and put back together way of doing DSC03051things, know it is not for the precision quilter.  When sides did not match, both of my buddies had heart attack moments.  But once the first pumpkin was completely put together, they were very impressed because neither thought it would really work.  Here we are, happy that it pumpkins are being created !

And here are some pumpkin work.norma pumpkin norma purple cutting pieces pump eyes  


 Copy of norma pumpkin






And my day was not over yet.  In order to buy myself some quilt time I had to agree to a ballgame that night.  I am not the sports person.  Never have been interested in watching it done.  So here I am in some of the best seats in the Alex Box Stadium on the LSU Campus right behind home plate fieldwhere you could see everything.   For those who aren’t familiar with LSU baseball, they are 7 time National Champions, and Paul Mainieri’s Tigers are ranked #7and are 14:1 right now.  This game was with Cal State Fullerton and they were ranked #6.  My dear and wonderful friend Ann and her family hLSU teamas had season






tickets to these games since the dawn of time.  The stadium, complete d in 2009, is truly beautiful.  Seating 9200 people it is sold out game after game, and Friday was no Skip Bertman 1st ballexception.  Here are some pics from the night.  The guy tossing the first ball out is the famous ex-football coach now Athletic Director Skip Bertman. 

Paul Mineri Coach     Here the Coach argues with the ref Pressand








Press munches away on peanuts, like you are supposed to do at a ball game!


And I did say TWO days of quilting, right?  SO today I was in charge of the Sew In at St Paul’s Church.  (The key did NOT melt in my hands---so there!)  And Valerie and I finished the top of the quilt with her dad’s flannel PJs and T-Shirts.  And I finished up with my pumpkins so we got a ton of stuff done!


And here are all MY pumpkins and Mary’s Pumpkins set up together.  Don’t you think Mary should give me all her pumpkins since they are such good friends with mine???

glen mary all blocks


  1. I think your pumpkins are great!

  2. They look a little "evil" to me!! LOL Glad you guys had fun!


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