Saturday, April 16, 2011

Italian Cooking, I was the Chef's Pet and the so very dead dog.......

Went with my  buddy Ann to an Italian Cooking Class.  The Master Chef who taught us to make the most wonderful sauces works here in town at the Hollywood Casino.  He was Head Chef in Melbourn Australia, somewhere big in NYC and in Los Angeles.  He is really Italian!  Born in New Orleans to two Italian parents, he and his wife Annabell were married in Venice, Italy.  And he has two sons Vincenzo and Caruso.  Now THAT'S Italian!
He made Panned Chicken with Caprese Salad on top with the most amazing (and $50 a bottle) balsamic vinegar.  He said the best dessert was a good strong vanilla ice cream with this vinegar on top.  And yes, it was amazing.  I bought a $22 bottle which was good, but not as sweet as the one he used.  Who would have thought vinegar and ice cream would work together.

And he made Talipia and Artichoke with Lemon Sauce as well as a nice fresh Tomato Mother Sauce for the homemade pasta. 

Then he fixed Freshly Made Italian Sausage with peppers for an incredible appetizer. 

We drank five bottles of amazing Italian and Australian wine paired to the dish he was cooking.  And the white wine he used went into the Mother Sauce.

Everyone has a good Mother Sauce.  And we just go from there with it for different uses.  His was slightly different from mine, but we went the same places afterwards.  No one in the room used butter in their sauce to finish it like Chef Enzo and I did!  So that was cool.   And they all cooked with the casings on the sausage, unlike Chef Enzo and I.  Another cool. 
He told us that he cooks for people and their dinner parties if we were interested.  He involves the guests and makes an evening of it concluding with the meal.  I said, What do you charge?  Like $10,000? 

He never blinked but didn't correct me either.  I guess I can't afford him.

DiNozzo has been a bad bad puppy.  He stole the strawberries from the Farmer's Market this morning.  Then went back for the carrots. 

But the worst thing he has done since he has been with us is this:

And these are the flowers I will bury him under when I kill him. 


  1. At least DiNozzo didn't go after the $22 bottle of balsamic. And those carrots are awfully tasty.

  2. Don't kill him - send him to me. I mean, if they didn't want the strawberries and the carrots taken, they shouldn't have displayed them within his reach. Temptation is a terrible thing - and to have all those displays - why, I'm surprised he held out as long as he did.

    Hugs - Marie


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