Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long ago UFO Resurfaces

Meet the Stripes Quilt.  It was begun long ago when I first got back into quilting after a long time of not quilting.  I saw a really cool quilt in one of the magazines my mom had and I instantly fell in love with it.  And I thought to make it for my niece for a long ago Christmas to impress and mystify my Sister-In-Law.

The quilt was a beautiful group of dog item fabrics in long stripes with a huge golden retriever dog appliqued in a corner.  I chose a bunch of cool bright fabrics that looked fun and kid-like.  I was pleased.  When I got my stripes made the brights totally overwhelmed the fabrics I wanted to make the dog out of.  I was NOT pleased.

So I tossed the stripes into a corner.  And there they sat.  For maybe another two years.  I got the idea to cut them up into quarters and tone them down with the black.  I think I must have seen an Amish quilt or something.  Well, this did not turn out to look Amish-like at all.  I was not pleased.  So it got tossed into another corner.

It surfaced over the years, from time to time.  And I would smile at it and put it back into yet another corner.  This happened, oh, maybe 8 or 10 times.  Then I found it again this week when I was cleaning out my "corner" which now is most of the center of the room AND the two corners.  OK, THREE corners.

And I decided to to a hatchet job on it.  I want to chop it up!  I figure there is no loss if it turns out ugly as sin, right?  It wasn't a favorite before.  So maybe it will improve a bit even. 

With the 15 Minutes Play Group under my wings inspiring  me onward and upward....who KNOWS what I will be capable of.

So sit back and see what happens.  OK?  And if you have any suggestions, add them to the pile.  Like I said, it can't get any worse!  LOL. 


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