Saturday, April 30, 2011

several fun things

You just have to look at this quilt.  I wish I had the patience this girl has.  She does incredible work.  AND has kids to look after.

Then I received the boxes of fabric from Texas.  My friend Pat, who most of you know at Stitchn on the HGTV quilt sites, died about 2 - 3 months ago.  Quite unexpectedly.  We were members of a virtual group called Quilting Sisters and we are in about 5 states.  There are 9, well, 8 of us now.

One of our Quilting Sisters lives near Pat and with her sons' permission went in and boxed up the majority of her fabrics.  I will use mine for a number of charity quilts for The Giving Quilt next year since their show is next week. 

Currently I am washing and re-washing the fabric to get the smoke out of it.  Pat was a heavy smoker and had emphysema real bad.  It is probably what killed her as she was in and out of hospitals for breathing treatments all the time. 

After the first load went though a full wash and still came out smoky, I did a rinse with a cup of vinegar.  Then it came out smelling like vinegar so it is in the washer going thropugh a full wash again.

These will be the cleanest fabrics ever because I am sure the Quilting Sister who boxed all this up washed it all before sending it to us.

Whatever the outcome, it will be nice a fresh when all is said and done.  I miss Pat very much.  She was a former FBI agent in the days when women were not these things.  And she raised 4 sons by herself.  And they all loved their momma! 
There is no greater tribute than that!

And for those of you who have hung in this long - I have a give away for you.

Two copies of the Quilter's Newseltter Magazine.  But not just any QNM.  These are 1983 and 1984 issues.  So cool  You can see the beginning of the "modern" quilting movement in the pages.  They are in great condition.  With full patterns and color photos. 

Just leave me a post here and I will generate a winner through the random number picker.

I also noticed my poor ironing board cover.  You can see a part of the huge hole in the magazine photos.  Here is the actual hole.  I need to SELL something and buy a new one, really.


  1. Hi there - what a great post... I love the fabric story.. I belong to the Yahoo Sunshine Quilters - and we did something similar for a member who passed away in Alaska - I bet the result was 50 or 100 charity children's quilts - several still in progress in my sewing room!
    I do so enjoy your blog - used to live in Baton Rouge for 10 years, and miss it still - love seeing your pics as you bike around... eat some etouffee for me, or some TJ Ribs... Kate

  2. Charity quilts are a great way to use a friends fabric. It helps the giving and the love to continue. I am truly sorry for your loss. Yep, you indeed do need a new cover.

  3. Please check out my post for April 30th. I've given you an award.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Glen - that ironing board cover has definetly seen better days. Make a new bright, scrappy one to add some color. Love the fabric story - these are so important to all of us.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Judi at Green Fairy is so fabulous! And she can do all that pretty stuff with a baby on one hip. I'd love to win the magazines. Thanks for a chance.


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