Saturday, June 25, 2011

They Painted DiNozzo!

I have to do this quickly as i have to get to a sew in for the charity quilts........aughhh!

Painting and Pinot sponsored a painting class to benefit CAAWS last night.  It was a fabulous night.  Frank really didn't want to go, and i think Ann was having second thoughts for a week.  But they both were troopers and ended up loving it.  You don't really have to have any painting talent, witness my dog.  The paintings are fairly abstract.  This one looked just like my guy DiNozzo!  Doesn't it! 

  Valerie had his picture and everyone was amazed at how perfect the rendition was.  He is a little crazy so it totally fit!

Here are some shots from our dog class!  Keep scrolling down till you see them all!

PS  They did  tell us to paint him yellow and green!  LOL.



  1. I LOVE these paintings of your buddy DiNozzo. What a great idea! my husband (who occasionally reads quilt blogs over my shoulder) says the last one looks like PicassoNozzo.

  2. DiNozzo is a nude model. Did he get paid in biscuits?


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