Sunday, July 3, 2011

Solids Swap

I am participating in a Challenge Swap that asked us to find a painting and interpret it in solids.  Most people are choosing modern, contemporary paintings.  And sometimes the pieces are just representational.  I had no idea what I was going to do.

I was so totally prepared to come here and whine and beg forgiveness and claim (rightly so) that I was so busy with life stuff that I couldn't possibly meet deadlines. I have been spending most of my between crisis times searching the Internet for the perfect painting. The just right photo. The one that would sweep me away. It was tough. Then I got sucked into the sewing.

There were ideas for a lot of photos I saw, and as people posted and I saw what they were choosing, it was always like..........darn....they got the GOOD one. What will I do now???

Then I saw this one just this afternoon. I really liked the colors, and Song is from California. It looks really California to me. Actually it is Italy. It could be either in my mind's eye.

I also liked the piecing potential in there. It looks like one picture was painted. Then another. The first was slashed and the second one inserted. I definitely liked that idea.

Of course to really do that I needed about 5 more inches. But I adjusted.

First, I chose fabrics. I had been saving these beauties for something special. I figured one day I would get the courage to cut them up. Up to this point, I was not able to do that.

Then I cut the fabrics up. Yes, I did. I really did! 

Then I sewed them back together. I am liking this. Proceeding with wild abandon.

The dogs were bugging the doo-doo out of me, so I got up, yelled at Frank and got back to work.

Here is the little tower. Oops, I need another building. And a larger sea on one side.

That's more like it. Where is that tree now? While I was thinking up the tree, I thought it needed a stop border. You know, when things get really busy? So I framed my little picture.

Now my excitement level is leveling out. And I am beginning to critique it. I like the seam lines, it makes it look something I liked somewhere else. But of course I am beginning to think it is not so great now.

Maybe I will try again in a couple more days.




  1. It's fabulous! I think it just needs a touch of orange and darker green here and there, but that's just my opinion of the moment!

  2. ohhh what a fun challenge - and its good design exercise too! If you get stuck and need advice just yell! One thing to watch is the values - make sure they really match the inspiration!


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