Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beef Water

Bonnie Doon  drank a LOT of water!  She had Diabetes Insipidus where her body did not use the water she took in. 
Chloe the smelly basset does not like to drink water.  So she get UTIs.  I have to make beef water or chicken water to get that girl to drink at all.  Beef or chicken water is simply beef or chicken broth in her food bowl mixed with twice as much water.  She drinks it up.

Problem is, EVERYONE wants the same thing so I have to make 3 bowls of beef water and monitor who is drinking because there is considerable jostling about to get optimum water intake over the other dogs.

I have been making Dutch beef water lately so he will drink.  He is not drinking enough and I want his kidneys to continue to work for him as long as he needs them to work.  No more problems!

So tonight I made beef water from a container in the fridge.  Dutch drank a couple of sips and looked at me.  I encouraged him to drink more, he -being a good dog- drank more.  He drank it almost down to the bottom of the bowl and moved away.

Whereupon I smelled the strong and distinct odor of coffee.  I made that dog expresso!

glen:  I certainly wasn't going to let DiNozzo the Over Effusive get any of that, he'd be up all night!


  1. Oh goodness! Now he will be hyper all night long. But you know the expresso make DiNozzo sleepy. It does that to Sammie, Spirit, and me. Dutch figured that momma knew best!

  2. Sometimes there are disadvantages to having an obedient dog. Hope he wasn't up all night.

    Better watch out though or Dutch will be demanding cappucinos with extra foam next. LOL!

  3. How is Dutch. I missed the biopsy report.

  4. I had to laugh, but poor baby, now he won't sleep well. The cat doesn't drink much but I hadn't thought of making beef broth for him. Good idea.


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