Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ami Simms Workshop in Lafayette

It was just as wonderful as Charlene said it would be! 

I actually like that picture of me laughing at her!  It must be the first time I have ever liked a picture of myself.  I guess we are all like that.

Ann and I were not without our problems as we attempted to meet for 7 AM to head out to Lafayette.  We both ran late but ended up getting there in plenty of time to find the church and set up our stations.  We got the added benefit of hobnobbing with Ami Simms for some personal time!

Ami Simms is the brainchild behind Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative or AAQI.  Thousands of quilters make 9 x 12 quilts for auction and sale.  Proceeds go to Alzheimer Research.  She has raised more than a half million dollars from these sales.  For more information or to donate or buy one of these marvels go to:

Oh yes, the workshop! I taught everyone how to get focus on a scatterbrained dog, how to extinguish a bad behavior and......oh, you mean the Twisted Sister Workshop!  LOL.

Here is everyone!
                                                    And here are Ann, me, Ami Charlene and Dottie hamming it up for the camera while Mary stole my blocks............

Twisted Sister looks difficult, but is not.  And that makes the block totally worthwhile to make!  It does use a template....and partially pieced seams.......well, maybe it is a bit difficult, but it was so much fun!  When I decided on Halloween fabrics, I knew Mary would be lusting after my stuff.  What I didn't know was that she was going to be there.  I had to keep a close eye on my blocks because between Mary and Charlene they nearly walked off several times.

Ann and I had found a perfect fabric combination for her TS blocks.  Of course you never know how it will come out until you actually put it together.  It was obviously a winning combination!  Check out her first block.

There were so many different combinations of fabric and ideas that all were fabulously different.  Throughout the workshop Ami was teaching, she never stopped working with individuals and pointing ways of doing things out to the group as well. She had a "train" of people following her as she walked through the class. 

Charlene worked in teals and browns.  This will be a DG quilt and I think it works for a guy graduate!  I do!  Boy, do those lights pup with that teal in the center!  What a great eye-catching combination. H  Her pallet was laid out on the table and I was definitely drooling. 

Here are some other blocks.  Some I know who they belong to, some I don't.  But they are all gorgeously fabulous!

This one will be exciting!

I love the colors here


This was a strip material, wow!




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  1. Looks like everyone had a good time! I have been catching up on reading your blog and you have been busy! I will have to try the zippered pouch; I felt the earthquake in Northern Ohio - it was the longest and strongest one I have ever felt - the blinds were shaking - it was actually pretty cool, but it reminded me how small I am in this great big old world!


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