Monday, September 12, 2011

Christmas Project Rice Bag Foot Warmer

I owe you a tutorial or two.  I know.  I was so busy last week I did not have a chance to test any of the ones I had planned for you.  So here is one that I have made before and liked and thought you might like as well.
It is easy to do.  Cheap to make if you use your scraps.  And really necessary in the cold months when the dog wants to cuddle close and not at your feet! 

Chloe the Smelly Basset
I am so lucky to have TWO hot dog warmer dogs now.  Chloe wants to curl up by me only when it is cold.  DiNozzo loves to lay over me, on me, under me, on my feet, on my arm, on my get the picture.  And when the Hugeaux the Grand-Dog comes to visit he LOVES to cuddle.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were made, of course, to be used as bed warmers after all!

Here is the wonderful tutorial from V and Co.  Make one for everyone on your list in their favorite colors.  Dinosaurs for the kidlets, butterflies for the moms, camo for the dads.  And one for you as well.

I used my 15 minute made fabric scraps to put one of my own together just now.  Took maybe, 15 minutes if you take out Frank coming home, the dogs racing around the back yard, trying to explain why the accounting program won't work and all that.

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