Saturday, September 10, 2011

Food, Farmer's Market and Dogs

Not too much can top these three things!  I still drool when I think of that bread! LOL.

This was breakfast at Coffee Call.

This was lunch at home.


This is a new guy at CAAWS.  Shitz tsu is his breed.  He has a litter mate with him as well that looks exactly like him.  Poor guy, he is a bit scared still.

Oh....the bread was lemon rosemary and was so good! It came from the Farmer's Market where I scored my first bought Christmas Present for someone.  The first weekend is always the Art Market as well, and since last weekend was Labor Day they moved it to this weekend. 

So that was an extra treat!

Now for some sewing and cleaning up of my sewing room.  Do you believe me this time?



  1. The puppy is adorable. I always look forward to your doggy posts. The rosemary lemon bread sounds yummy. I will have to try to make some. How is the studio coming? :)

  2. Oh cute puppy - hope he finds a great home!


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