Friday, September 9, 2011

What a day! Everything was totally weird!

I was on the road most of the day.  Back and forth, forth and back.

Mom about 3 years ago

I had a meeting with the Hospice at 10 AM based upon a letter they sent me inviting me to an Interdisciplinary Council for Family Members Meeting.  But when I got there at 10 they were, like, really surprised to see me.  Almost as if they never get family to the meetings they set up for us. 

Hmmmm.  Weird.

So they asked me to come back at 11:30 AM.  So I left, went home, let dogs out, came back.  Met for 40 minutes with the ICFM meeting people.  One guy looked really familiar and I had worked with him in Hammond.  He was their Bereavement Counselor and I had been specializing in Death and Dying at Mental Health.  That was a blast from the past!  Good ole Elizabeth Kubler Ross!

Then  I went home again to let dogs out.
I headed out to lunch at our favorite Thai Chili restaurant.  I ordered Coconut Chicken Soup and an Egg Roll.  She brought me Egg Drop Soup.  It didn't occur to me there was a problem until I realized about half way through the soup that I never got the egg rolls. 

Hmmmm.  Weird.  But my bill was $3.22!

On to the bank and to get my toes done.  While getting my toes done I was trying to zone out and the foreign conversation got really animated.  I opened my eyes and my girl says, Oh, we were talking about boobs!  Seems one of her customers was bitten by a snake on her boob and it burst her silicon implant.  The implant drained inside her chest and later the snake died from silicon poisoning.  

Hmmmm. Weird!

Then I went home to grab my computer and head out to the CPA.  I still need to do the financial input for  for CAAWS so we can file the 2010 taxes.  Frank is bound and determined that we will file the 2011 taxes on time this year, something we have never done.  We don't ever have to pay anything since we are a 501(c)3 organization and aren't that large, but still, we really should be filing on time.

So I sat with Brittany and we created the system in the new program.  It looks easy enough.  And Jenny and I can work separately and still have all the information be coordinated in one file.  Nice!  Really a weird concept for me though.  I still can't imagine it happening perfectly. 

Hmmmm.  Weird!  If it does, amazing!

Then on for a bike ride up to Tigerbait for a gyros .  I lost my water bottle somewhere in the construction zone.  Frank went back to look for it, but didn't immediately see it so we decided to eat and then all 4 of us would look on the way back.  I had ridden in the crane tracks rather on the busy street area and it must have fallen out.  Frank paid after we ate and went out to get the bikes unlocked and ready to ride while Amber finished up her dinner.  She was talking and thus eating waaay too slow for some of us......but I digress.

He went ahead to look for the water bottle.  When we went out, Dan says, isn't that your water bottle?  It was in the cup holder on the bike.  Now how had it gotten there.  Frank swore he did not put there because he really was out on the construction site looking for it.  And it was NOT there and EVERYONE had looked for it.......

Hmmmm.  Weird.


  1. It happens like that sometimes! Just enjoy the weirdness.

  2. I can't imagine coconut chicken soup! But I would have asked for the egg roll. Sounds like a busy day!

  3. did you hear the Twilight Zone theme song playing???


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