Thursday, October 20, 2011

The King of Halloween

We had a fun time at the Halloween Bash at Sherwood Manor, the nursing home my mom stays in.  They had a Dog Costume Contest complete with punch and cookies for everyone. 

Well we outfitted both Chloe the Smelly Basset and DiNozzo the Over Effusive in their costumes and  headed out to win the thing!

Here we are smoozing the judges.  Chloe is really good at that.  She was thinking to garner herself a nice spot at the top of the dog pile.

I dressed as a hiker and DiNozzo dressed as my side kick on the trail.  Here we are complete with hiking stick and backpack. See his cute hat?  It came from Howlin' Hounds Rescue.  She makes several fun things for dogs like DiNozzo's snood to keep his ears out of his food.  I gave the dog in the backpack to my mom as we left and you would have thought I gave her a million dollars.  Of course she had no idea who I was and why we were talking to her. 

Interestingly enough she didn't even pay any attention to the dogs, and I would have thought she would have been all over the dogs.  I sure hope Alzheimers doesn't take away my dogs from me one day.  That would be awful.

Here are Frank and Chloe showing off their costumes.  She was the Queen of Hearts and he was her paramour.  Both dressed in bright red to compliment each others hazel eyes.

The judges had the 16 dogs and handlers parade up and down three times.  They kept saying it was hard to make the decision. 

The final outcome, are you ready for this?  DiNozzo was crowned King of the Halloween Bash!  The judges came to me afterwards and all said the same thing.  When he walked by, he stopped, looked at them and smiled.  He even jumped up on their table to greet them and they ALL immediately knew he was the one. 

I am telling you, that dog has charisma.  He should have stayed intact and  got into the show ring!  He and I would be winning it all at Westminster! 


  1. I received my pattern today. Thanks so much. Can't wait to make it. It has to go in line with a few other presents ahead. You would laugh to see the cockatoo with the yorkie. The bird lets him lick his feathers. Cracks us up. Maybe someday I will remember to video this. Thanks again.

  2. i keep telling you he is a special boy and not guilty of all the intent you seem to see behind his actions - lol - give him a scratch from me!

  3. You sure know how to have fun Glen - great post! Hadn't planned costumes for my dogs but now thinking that I should!

  4. That's my boy!!!! I'm so proud of him.

  5. Congratulations to DiNozzo! I know the residents really enjoyed the parade and pups.


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