Friday, October 14, 2011

Winner announced! CATZ! made!

About 4 posts back I had a little giveaway and I would like to announce the winners.

Since only four of you loyal followers posted I think that I shall reward ALL of you with a pattern from my pattern group.   Say it, good for me for diminishing! 

Swooze, stephanie, jill and marie.  (Stephanie, DiNozzo will be in the mail as well, he ate his 9th pair of sunglasses and learned to open the cabinet that holds the doggy bones.) ( and see below for more bad behavior.)

So send me your name and address in a private email to

obed101 (at) cox (dot) net

I will add two more to the pile and you will each get one.  I need to charge up my camera from today's cat activities to take the extra pattern photos so you will have to wait to see what you won.  I thought about asking you which one you wanted but was afraid one would be so popular and three would get their feelings hurt so I will make the decision blindfolded and just stuff one into each envelope without regard for names.

That is the most fair and least work for me!  Which is what make it attractive, the least work for me part.

What an angel!

What an innocent baby.

While we were at the CATZ! class, DD Carrie stopped by the house to steal  borrow the Spot Bot.  I didn't ask what for because they have concrete floors through the house.  Hmmm.  She brought lunch with her from Taco Bell and set it in the middle of the breakfast table while she took the dogs out to pee.  She put DiNozzo and Dutch inside while she went looking for what Chloe was barking at way in the back.  She returned to no lunch.  She called me quite perturbed and said she assumed it was DiNozzo and that I needed to watch him because he ate the wrappings too and that I owed her a lunch.

I KNOW it was DiNozzo.  Dutch is the GOOD dog!  The way I see it is DiNozzo owes her a lunch so I stopped and bought a bag of dog food for her.

Here are some pictures from the CATZ! tutorial I did today.  We did have some help from the real cats.  Freida wanted to give us technical advice on cat making. 

Ann's is the blue paisley.  It makes a stunning contrast for the cat.  I think each of her cats will be a different color.  She is using some bright colors so it will be a fabulous piece when complete.  And best of all -- Ann did curved piecing with ease!  And she kept thinking it would be difficult - oh ye of little faith!

Paula decided to practice the paper piecing portion.  Hers will be all different colors as well, but her kitties will be Country Barn Cats. 

I am doing batiks leftover from the extra I bought for the BQ.  I will take a picture later when I get a whole one put together.  Remember, I was teaching too!  LOL.

Charlene was the first to finish a whole cat.  And an orange cat!  The rest of us did bits and pieces of a cat here and there.  The best part of the day was the laughing.  And the highlight of that was when Charlene cut -- not once but twice -- the wrong part of her section she had just sewn on to the foundation.  Every time I would look at her exasperated face, I would crack up again.  And you know how laughter is contagious.  Pretty soon we had everyone laughing!

Which is probably why we didn't get too many more finished!  And it wasn't because of that chocolate wine or the pasta e fagioli I made for lunch.  Or the "real made from a pumpkin" pumpkin pie.  But all that helped!

glen:  next time you'll want to come, huh!

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