Friday, November 18, 2011

Beginnings of a Good-bye

Today I went to Laplace to set up the funeral planning for my mom.  My mom is fairly healthy as people in her situation can be.  She is 80 years old and in end stages Alzheimers which allows her to be in Hospice.  After the fall last year she is in the nursing home near the house where I can go check on her during the week.  I don't visit more than that because it upsets her to not know me when she feels she should know me and it upsets me that all this has to happen. 
I take her her cokes she loves and some peanut butter cookies, assorted chocolates and Mounds and Almond Joy bars which were her favorites.  But other than that she is in her own world just surviving.  She barely eats anything to speak of. 

And she is running out of money.  So I figured that the plot next to my dad was needed and the funeral needed to be paid for.  My brother has no intention of ponying up any money for his mother anyway, so I saved myself a lot of aggravation and hard feelings toward him by using the last bits of her money for this.

It would have been what she wanted me to do anyway.
So she is now the proud owner of a powder blue casket and a graveside service for immediate family at the cemetery. 

And at least this part is over for me now.

glen:  I couldn't resist this one --- a Mummy of course!


  1. You are so wise to make these arrangements in advance - hard to do at the time but I think it eases things when the time comes. Thinking of you.

  2. Glen- I know that was hard. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh how I understand why you visit only 1 x a week. I couldn't even do that much. I would drive away with so many tears rolling down from my eyes I was afraid I would hit something. You are doing the right thing. Looking forward to seeing something on next week's design wall.

  4. We do what we need to do as we need to do are braver than most. Most stay in denial about the death of a parent till the end. Proud of you.

  5. I know how hard it is - been there - will be thinking about you. Hug your doggies.

  6. You are one wise woman.
    Keep on doing what needs to be done.
    No regrets later. But tears all along the way!

  7. Some phases of life are hard and you are doing what is exactly right for you and your mother. My situation is similar to yours, right down to the brother. Thanks for sharing your story.


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