Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupy Your Quilt Room!

Don't you just love it when there is a brilliant idea out there and you run across it?  I bet with my thinking cap on, I could have thought of this.  In my younger years I would have.  But now, I am just happy to be able to post about it.

Barbara over at Cat Patches http://catpatches.blogspot.com/p/occupy-your-sewing-room.html
has started something pretty cool.

She says:  Occupy your Sewing Room will run from December 3 - 10, 2011. During that week, plan to occupy your sewing room for a full day. If you can't spend a whole day, then divide it up into whatever increments you like. 

The idea is to get in your sewing room and do something!  With all the political statements being made by Occupiers it is high time Quilters get into the act.  Stage a Sit-In.....in your own sewing room!

And a little kitty told me that Barbara is giving away some prizes too!  If you click on the button, it will take you over to Cat Patches and info on the day's events.

Occupy Sewing Room


  1. "Occupy your quilt room"! Ha ha, very good, I'm going to do that one day in the holidays (or maybe two or three).

  2. I love it! I'll definitely be occupying :)


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