Sunday, December 4, 2011

Biking, beets and just being Dantastic!

I am still looking for a good mystery quilt for the guild this coming year. If you have any ideas for me, let me know. If I have to pay for one, that is fine, I have done that before.  I need one that will take us out 9 or 10 months.  I am considering a paper pieced beauty, but am still want to look at traditional options.

Because the threat of rain was fairly high for Sunday, we hit the bike trails on Saturday. 
We headed to the Farmer's Market to pick up some beets. Those beets I got last week were so good I wanted more. I told the Farmer how good they were and he doubled my batch! I got 4 batches of beets for $4.00. Can't BEET that with a stick! LOL. (Don't you just love veggie humor?)  See the beets sticking out of his bike pack.  I also got some sweet sweet Meyer Lemons.

At the Arsenal Museum we rode up the steep embankment that holds the cannon that overlook the Capitol Lakes.  The Lakes reflect the Capitol Building and provide lots of trains and park space.
Here are Frank and I sitting on a cannon.  
 There were lots of families taking pictures for their Christmas Cards.  We rode by one woman breastfeeding an infant on a bench and the boys were all like.....did you see that?  We have all been married for a thousand years, you would have thought they would have seen that before, huh?  It still knocked Dan over the embankment!

We headed back to the State Capitol Building again but this time BEET a path toward the Governor's Mansion for a quick wave to Bobby Jindal.  He must have been BEET and sleeping in because we did not see a soul!

We rode past the Dept of Environmental Quality Labs into the Industrial Section behind the Mansion.  It was quite interesting, not a person was around on a Saturday.  We did see a couple of police cruisers on their BEETS through the area just making sure everything was fine so we didn't feel so alone. 

We wanted to eat at Capitol Grocery in Spanish Town but they were not serving food on the weekends.  See the sad flamingos?  They are the symbol of the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade.  We headed toward Chelsea's instead.

At Chelsea's we literally ate under the overpass.  That is the front door you see there.  The food was incredible and we decided to head back there via the golf course trail next week and get the food we didn't order this time. Dan said the place was Dan-tastic.  We all agreed, but Amber gave him the evil eye.  What can we not say?, she asked.  Dan-tastic, he replied.  But it really was Dan-tastic!

Then on to Carrie's house to make biscotti for her office.  I also brought the makings of almond bark.  We made Chocolate Almond Biscotti,  Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti and Almond and Orange Biscotti.  My favorite was the Chocolate Almond but the Chocolate Cherry was superb.  The two long loafs are the Chocolate Cherry ones waiting for their second baking.  i still have three more I want to make for this year.

The boys watched LSU end their season's play without a single loss by BEETING the Georgia Bulldogs.  LSU fans are so fickle, they love winners and hate losers.  When the LSU season is 11 and 1 they want to fire the coach for losing that one game. 


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