Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dutch was a Baptist


 Yep, Dutch was a Baptist.  How do I know?  Easy.  He did not approve of any dancing at all.  If anyone danced or exercised he would go crazy.  He would bark and jump and go after you with full intentions of knocking you over to make you stop dancing.  He was not as definitive about card playing, but for sure there was to be NO DANCING in our house if he could help it.

Making sure
no one dances inside

Making sure no one
 dances on the carport

Not sure why, but he always did that.  I even did an article on extinction training using his aversion to me exercising for the Southern SennTiments Magazine.  Obviously it really didn't work on Dutch.  Even until a couple of days before his last, he rallied from his bed to tell me not to play so rough with DiNozzo because it simulated too closely with dancing for his tastes.

So it was with some hesitation that I purchased Just Dance for the Wii.  I had been wanting it, but respected Dutch's religious preferences.  And for the first time in 10 years, Frank and I danced in our living room. 

We sweated and huffed and puffed.  But it was hysterical!  So we decided to dance tomorrow too. 

Sometimes the only bed
leftover was the small one

He was somewhat superstitious as well. He did not venture under ladders because of the bad luck that awaited him on the other side. And overall in his life he was one pretty lucky dog.

The bassets?  I am not sure what religious beliefs they adhere to, but it is definitely not Baptist!  They dance with abandon!



  1. I bet you and Frank had fun! I also believe that Dutch was trying hard to knock you down. I am trying Zumba and that should be hysterical too. Love this memory.

  2. Ha! Dance the tears away!
    Trixie likes to keep everyone in line. My Mom calls her the "schoolteacher". One time in the vets office a lady came in carrying a dog that had been in a fight. He looked like he was on his deathbed. She was taken straight back into a room. Apparently when she put her dog down he made a mad dash for the front door. When he ran by Trixie she stopped him. NO RUNNING in the vets waiting room! He was twice the size of Trixie but that didn't phase her.


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