Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He was walking on all four feet when he crossed that bridge

  Bonnie Doon confirmed it, Dutch was walking strong on all four legs as he crossed the bridge tonight.

His leg had swelled and I just couldn't let him hurt any longer.  It was time for him to find Bonnie Doon.  And she waited for him with Pepsi nearby.

He celebrated his 10th birthday a week ago today.  And surprised every vet at the office.  No one thought he would make it this long.  He stayed with me for 6 months past what the vets gave him.  Osteosarcoma is painful yet he never showed pain until two days ago.  I knew it in his face.  He could no longer get up by himself and he started slipping on the patio on the way to pee.  Amazingly, that dog never messed in the house all though this, he always made it outside.  He was that good.

He never wanted help, if I touched him he would stop and move away.  So I let him maneuver on his own as he could and just made sure he was steady.

He was my Champion, he was my protector and he was my baby boy.  What, oh what will I do without him now?  Bonnie Doon, take good care of him, he is sometimes afraid and needs your strength to help him. 

I love you all, my beautiful dogs, my life.  Bonnie Doon and Pepsi is there with him.  Bonnie is the one in charge and Pepsi is the quiet girl on the sidelines.  I feel her in the wind that blows my cheek tonight. 

Walk strong, my boy, walk strong.  I love you with all my heart.


  1. I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you and Dutch in the days to come.

  2. Go, Dutch, go! Run and jump and chase your tail. Know you are still loved from afar.

  3. So so sorry - and I understand too well. My beloved 17 1/2 year kitty friend is fading and I know his time will come soon... hugs.

  4. So sorry for your loss but you gave him the best till the end, lots of love and understanding - he couldn't ask for more.

  5. Oh Glen, tears in my eyes, so sorry. He had a good run, and he had such a good doggie mama. You did your best for him, just like he did for you. Peace.

  6. So sorry for your loss. We went through a very similar situation several years ago. All we could do was love her and keep her safe for as long as was possible, just as you did now. Please know you are in our prayers.
    Bonnie in Iowa

  7. Glen-So sorry to hear this. I know it hurts but you did the best for him. I know he loved you as much as you loved him. Hugs-


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