Friday, December 23, 2011

Sewing (what is today? oh yeah) Friday

Frank has been off most of the week and will be off into next week.  He has a ton of vacation stacked up that he can't pass through to next year.  He can carry about 1/2 over but he has been in this business for 35 years and gets a ton of time off!
So he is home.....and you know what that means.  I have been out running **his** errands with him for the last two days.  I run errands for **us** by myself all the time but he can't go into the grocery story without a uterus nearby. 

I cajoled him into helping me sweep the floors so I could mop this morning.  He did a lousy job, says you need a uterus to sweep well.  I mopped well, so I guess it is true.

I rewarded myself with an afternoon of sewing.  I had the dog quilt that has been sitting around here waiting for a back and quilting.  So now it is done.  I just did it on my domestic Husky.  Simple straight lines in a chevron.  I pieced the back using some fabric from my stash.   A nice large dog print and some yucky green that sort of went with the dog colors.  Are you not impressed that I have a space in the middle of my quilt room CLEANED OUT enough to almost accommodate a lap quilt?  Yes, impressed you should be.

The Dog Quilt will go to one of these places:
1.  The staff at the nursing home,
2.  Southbound for their Regional Specialty, or
3.  CAAWS for some award, or
4.  The boys who live with their momma in my rent house.

Have not decided yet.  I got the boys and their momma a gift card from Walmart but forgot bring it by.  I need to do it tomorrow before Christmas.

The front of the quilt is one of those 1600 Strip Race Quilts made from about 38 dog prints I have collected over the years.  I still have dog prints.  But this one looks pretty intense, so I won't do this pattern with the rest of them.

Sewing feels good.  Tomorrow Frank said he will help me tune my mid-arm and work on the tension so I can put some quilts to bed on that one.  Hee, hee.  He may just grow some ovaries before this vacation is over.



  1. amazing the things a uterus can do... Mine knows the location of everything in the kitchen - it speaks right up when asked "Where are the paper towels" or "Do we have any ketchup?" Smart little thing...

  2. My bet is on you! I am impressed b/c I saw your sewing room first hand.

  3. Thanks for the laughs, Glen - might be the best post ever! My husband and I both enjoyed it (he's a fan too). Happy Holidays to you both!

  4. Okay--the picture caught my eye and snorted when I heard all the chores you need a uterus to do. Especially liked the comment on its needed to find the ketchup. Heard THAT one before!


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