Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stuff I can't show you........

I have been cleaning my room, you would be so proud of me! I actually cleaned off a corner of my quilt table!  This piece of my table has not seen daylight in, like, three years!  It was soooo happy. 

Then I organized my shelves.  I took projects that were coordinated fabrics and a pattern (whether it was a pattern or a magazine with the pattern in it) and put them in plastic boxes and shoe boxes.  The boxes fit on the top shelf up to the ceiling.  That moved a lot of stuff

 from the floor by the door where you could barely get into the room!

I can't show my houses yet.  Not until the first of January.  But I have 8 in progress and 4 or 6 finished.  I spent yesterday working on cutting out tiny pieces to make it easier to paper piece the bottom part of the house.  I think I got this conquered.....I think.

Aren't these windows too cute?  A lion and a hippo are looking out of their houses!  LOL.  

I also can't show you the center block I made for the Cotton Robin.  It is too cute!  So instead, you can enjoy this one I did for the 100 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine.  Well, I tested the block for them, I didn't design it!  It is in Volume 3.  It is my most favorite block I have done for them.  I really love it. 

I have been piling up a bunch of stuff to give away.  So everyone who responded to the last post, send me your address and I will send you something in a package.  It will probably be next week before I get back to the post office to mail things, but that should be OK. 

You are ALL winners!  Yeah!

My email is obed101(at) cox (dot) net

It feels so good to be back in the world after Dutch, my mom, and all the other crap that has happened recently.  I am quilting with 2 separate groups a couple of times a month, I am doing the Cotton Robin, I created the Mystery Quilt for one of my guilds.  I am in two local guilds.  A group of friends are planning a quilting cruise this year and we have a couple of retreats in the works. 

2012 doesn't have to work all that hard to be better than 2011 !

glen:  Paula and I said we were going to stay drunk until 2011 ended...........


  1. Whoa! Stand back! It looks like you are on a roll! Have fun - good luck with the staying drunk till the end of the year - that sounds like a hangover to me! Happy sorting and tidying! Can't wait to see those houses!!!

  2. 2012 will have its ups and downs but it will be better! Save some of that wine for me! I was a winner when we became friends and feel for those who lost what I gained. Circle.

  3. It all sounds like you are wrapping up 2011 and getting ready for 2012 in a fabulous way!

  4. Good for you for getting cleaned and organized. I have been in the mood to do that lately, too!

  5. Looks like you are getting things under control. I plan to sort fabric this weekend and hopefully start the new year a little more organized. Sorry I missed your giveaway. Sounds like a good one.

  6. I want to sign up. And go drinking with you and Paula. Do you drink Mimosa's with fresh strawberries? Or DiSaronna in your coffee with whipped cream? Maybe even just a nice gin sour! Yes, we're gonna start the year right!


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