Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apre-Feliz Cumpleaños and Joyeux Anniversaire

That is a bit of frenchish spanish there.  You get that a lot in South Louisiana.  Cajun French is very different from regular French.  It is a mixture of the Indian tribes and the Spaniards and the Frenchmen who settled herein the 1600's and intermingled their languages and genetic lines.  Most anyone from the small southern towns nestled in amongst the bayous will speak with a wonderfully beautiful lilting accent.  I love to listen to them talk.

2007 North Dakota A Frame
In fact if you want a great documentary book about real Cajuns and the Louisiana southern coast go to Amazon and get Bayou Farewell by Mike Tidwell.  You can get it for $1.24 even.  LOL.  But don't click on the book I just copied the picture and those words came with it!  Hmmm.

My birthday was wonderful.  A very full day.  Lots of steak.  No cake.  Not a bite even!
2007 Dog Purse

Today I brought Hula to the vet to be spayed and did some errands, but realized I left my grocery list at home.  So being at the grocery store did me not a whit of good.  I couldn't remember one item on the list.  Geez.

So I will sew a bit this morning, do some laundry and then head back out to the grocery store once again.


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