Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can you salvage a half eaten toilet paper? No wait, four?

Do you see that dog hiding in there?  He thinks I can't see him.  And he is hiding for good reason.  A VERY good reason. He thinks he has only moments to live, and he may well.  He'd better be saying his doggy prayers.

I just got back from the grocery store whereupon I purchased toilet paper....because, well, it is one of the necessities of life.  And I had a bunch of other bags to carry in, so I put it down on the floor in the kitchen.  Put my groceries away and then went to check my emails.

I hear a noise, and with DiNozzo noises are ALWAYS bad.  I go out and see this:

The photo does not do the scene justice.  Here are some close-ups of his romp with the toilet paper.

I have no idea why the toilet paper attracted him, it never has before.  There is no smell to it.  And he does not get to play with the empty rolls like Max loved to do.

I asked him "WHY??"

He replied, "Because it was there.  Yup."

I go into the yard to find him, and look at what he has now!  The SEVENTY TWO CENT CUCUMBER!  Aughhhh!

I need a whole 'nother blog to chronicle what this dog destroys in a day.

If he lives through the weekend, he will be one lucky little dog.


  1. You are a very patient doggy mom. How old is DiNozzo? Will he grow out of this phase? I do hope he enjoyed the cucumber.

  2. Lorenzo has been put outside again for the same thing. Stelly left the roll where he could reach it so he decorated the living room. Any piece of paper is meant to be torn apart. Good luck!

  3. I can so identify with you. Once while I was working my two boxers slid a cabinet door open and unleased a 5 lb. bag of flour in every room in the house. Looked a lot like white Christmas. A 5 lb. bag goes a very long way. DiNozzo has found a perfect hiding spot!


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